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Nail Enhancements

Acrylic $43 +
Acrylic Refill $33
The art of Acrylic nail enhancement makes your hand look beautiful, elegant and professional.
SNS Dipping Powder $50
Natural Nails, odor free, no liquid, lightweight & durable
Gel X $65 +
The press-on tip will give you a light-wear natural look with long-lasting
Hybrid Gel $65 +
The combination of gel an powder will give you the strength of acrylic nails but without the fume of monomer

Polish Change

Hands $12
Feet $14
French or American (Hands) $14
French or American (Feet) $17
Gel Color (Hands) $27
Gel Color (Feet) $32

Additional Services

Gel Polish Add-On $15
Nail Art $5 +
Nail Repair $5 +
Artificial Nail Removal $17
Gel Color Removal $12
Dipping Powder Removal $14
Dipping Powder Removal w/Dipping Services $5
Paraffin Dip w/Hands $10
Paraffin Dip w/Feet $12
French Polish w/Services Extra $6

Manicure & Pedicure


Basic Manicure $20
Spa Manicure (35mins) $27
This refreshing experience will leave your hands a smooth condition. After your nail trimming, filling, buffing, and cuticle maintenance, come after massage with a finishing lotion, and perfect finish polish, it's a paraffin wax hand dipping to relieve all your muscle stress.
Manicure With Gel Polish $38
Manicure With Gel French Polish $47


Basic Pedicure $37
Spa Pedicure (45mins) $50
Reward those hard-working legs and feet with a gentle sea salt glow massage, exfoliate of rough, dry skin on the sole and heel on the foot, then wrap in the warm towel with Manicure Masque after nail trimming, filling, buffing, and cuticle maintenance. Complete with stimulating massage oil and perfect polish.
Pedicure With Gel Polish $50
Pedicure With Gel French Polish $60

Combo Packages

Manicure & Pedicure $52
Manicure & Luxury Pedicure $68
Gel Color Mani & Gel Color Pedi $85


Head, Neck, Shoulder Massage $20
Incorporating pure plant essences into a custom massage treatment can help balance the mind and body. Each oil has a unique fragrance and therapeutic property. You will enjoy a massage customized according to the warm and nourish- ing oil blend used (Duration 15 minutes).
Reflexology Foot Massage $40
Your lower legs and feet treatment will begin with a warm aromatherapy essential oil massage, using the reflexology technique. Ending, your legs are covered with steaming towels. (Duration 30 minutes).


Eyebrows $12
Upper Lip $8
Chin $10
Eyebrows-Lip-Chin $28
Forehead $12
Side Burns $12
Full Face $40
Under Arms $20
1/2 Arm & Hand $30
Full Arm $40
Back or Chest $55
Stomach $15
Upper Legs $32
Lower Legs $27
Full Legs $55
Bikini Line $27 +
Brazilian $55 +
Full Legs & Bikini $77 +